The SITOP PSU6200: The Rugged, Easy-to-Use, High-Performance Power Supply

With award-winning industrial design, space-saving width, comprehensive diagnostic options, and high operational reliability, the SITOP PSU6200 is the preferred high-performance power supply for 12, 24 and 48 V standard applications. These power supply units offer comprehensive functions and features for focused diagnostics, fast installation, and dependable operation.

Utilize Siemens Power Supply Diagnostics with Allen-Bradley PLC’s

Space-Saving and Easy to Install

The SITOP PSU6200 power supply is easy to install, and saves space inside the cabinet. The sleek design fits easily into multiple configurations, and doesn’t require extra lateral clearance with neighboring components. This makes it easy to set up or make improvements to many different types of new or existing facilities. Clear labeling on the housing and terminals make the SITOP PSU6200 exceptionally easy to install. This not only allows for faster start-up, but also helps to prevent wiring mistakes. Push-in terminals also make wiring faster, ensuring a secure connection with or without end sleeves, whether single wire or multiple wire. An additional, third minus terminal for grounding permits potential equalization/PELV in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

Upgrade Your Equipment with the SITOP PSU6200

Whether you’re a builder, operator or technician working with industrial control panels, the SITOP PSU6200 can help you save time and energy, while improving the efficiency of your equipment.

Focused Diagnostics

The easily readable and informative diagnostic features on the SITOP PSU6200 are some of its biggest advantages. A single glance inside the control panel is enough to see the essentials: the condition of the DC, the utilization, and the operating hours of the power supply unit. Easy-to-read LED lights show the SITOP PSU6200’s status; green means everything is okay; yellow means you need to take action. This enables you to visually detect necessary actions and initiate appropriate measures at an early stage in order to avoid critical states. By integrating the power supply with the automation system via the diagnostic interface, technicians can easily see the unit’s operating parameters and status in more detail, including power, voltage, overload, operating hours, temperature, and more.

Powerful and Rugged Power Supply

With a rugged metal housing, robust voltage input, and optimal thermal dissipation, the SITOP PSU6200 is designed to operate safely and protect against failures. This power supply complies with the most current EMC standards. The extra power feature allows the all-around power supply units to provide a 50 percent higher rated current for up to 5 seconds in the event of an overload. For a high, short-term overload, they supply consumers with constant current. Only when the voltage has dropped to below 15 volts do the power supply units change to Hiccup mode for self-protection and restart at rated load. Because this type of overload usually occurs during startup procedures lasting only a few milliseconds, the SPS continues operating without interruption.

Utilize Siemens Power Supply Diagnostics with Allen-Bradley PLC’s

Siemens Application Examples for: PSE200U | PSU6200 | SEL1200/SEL1400

The following Application Note illustrates how to implement the Electro-Matic Diagnostic Block for Allen-Bradley PLC’s. It is intended as an addendum to the Application Examples provided by Siemens. Please note that the Electro-Matic Diagnostic Block supports the PSE200U, SEL1200, SEL1400 & PSU6200 modules. Please refer to the Siemens Application Examples for further details.

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