SITOP PSU8600 Power Supplies with PROFINET Integration

Fully Integrated, Modular, High-Performance Power Supplies

The SITOP PSU 8600 power supply provides unparalleled functionality, easy installation, and state-of-the-art capabilities. The SITOP PSU 8600 is the first power supply to fully integrate with the TIA Portal and support complete diagnostic information via PROFINET. This power supply is built for manufacturers who are making energy efficiency, production efficiency, uptime and cost-savings high priorities. With the ability to split voltages and set current limits, while also remotely controlling energy use through the PROFINET interface, it’s easier than ever to optimize energy output and use. The slim, modular design makes it easy to meet the requirements of the application with no complex wiring or installation process. The SITOP PSU 8600 family of power supplies are designed to meet your needs now and easily grow and expand with you into the future.

Advantages of SITOP PSU8600 Power Supplies

The SITOP PSU8600 family of power supplies offers a wide array of strategic advantages. The high level of operability, versatility, and impressive data acquisition capabilities makes the PSU8600 the preferred choice for future-minded facilities and their managers. The best-in-class features and capabilities of the PSU8600 are the result of careful planning and decisive design choices. By asking manufacturers today what problems they are facing and by looking forward to the challenges on the horizon, Siemens built power supply units that will continue to solve problems well into the future.

Featured Image Automation Power Supplies SITOP PSU8600

Easy to Install and Expand

These power supplies are designed with 94% energy efficiency to enable a slim, yet powerful construction with a compact footprint. Each unit features modular capabilities to easily expand the system without additional wiring. These modules allow you to split voltage branches, protect against power failures, and individually adjust multiple outputs.

Optimized for Energy Efficiency

The SITOP PSU8600 provides power tools to optimize energy efficiency. Operators can individually adjust voltage and current for each output, and monitor each output for overloads. The diagnostic and monitoring tools available make it easy to assess your energy use against your benchmarks.

Fully Integrated

The SITOP PSU8600 power supply system offers full integration via PROFINET in the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal or via Industrial Ethernet with open communication in OPC UA. Easily record and access operational, diagnostic, maintenance information at any time.

Download the Brochure

Download the SITOP PSU8600 brochure to take a closer look at product features and specifications.

SITOP PSU8600 Modular Family

One of the greatest advantages of the SITOP PSU8600 is the ability to add functionality to the system easily and quickly without complex engineering or wiring. The SITOP PSU8600 family of units are designed to fit easily together, allowing you to expand your system as needed, fast. This includes expanding outputs and buffering against power failures. The SITOP power supply system includes the basic SITOP PSU8600 units, the SITOP CNX8600 expansion units, the SITOP BUF8600 buffer modules, and the SITOP UPS8600 UPS module with BAT8600 battery modules.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Psu 8600 Base Units

SITOP PSU8600 base units (1-3-phase)

Great performance in a very small space

The high efficiency up to 94% of the basic devices ensures minimum heat loss, which makes very compact designs possible. Up to four outputs monitored for overloads also help save space for circuit-breaking devices. Integrated Ethernet/PROFINET communication opens up new opportunities for diagnostics and the range of applications for your power supply.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Cnx 8600 Expansion Modules

SITOP CNX8600 expansion modules

More outputs for more flexibility

The expansion modules can be used to expand the base units with up to 32 additional, selectively monitored outputs. The connection takes place on top of the modules without any wiring by means of the System Clip Link, a connecting plug for system data and power supply

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Buf 8600 Buffer Modules

SITOP BUF8600 buffer modules

Bridging brief and longer power failures

Buffer modules with electrolytic capacitors, providing buffering for up to 600 ms at a load current of 40 A, can be used to protect against brief power dips on the line side (brownouts). The versions with double-layer capacitors (UltraCaps) buffer against longer outages up to 20 s at 40 A. Because the buffer time is longer for lower buffer currents, this enables industrial PCs to be shut down manually as required.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Ups 8600 With Battery Module

UPS modules SITOP UPS8600 with battery module BAT8600

Bridging longer power failures lasting from minutes to hours with full system power

An uninterruptible power supply with appropriate battery modules can be used to protect against longer power dips on the line side and thus to bridge power failures lasting from minutes to hours. These expansion modules make it possible to shut the plant down safely and selectively in the event of a power failure. For most power interruptions, the bridging time is sufficient to allow the plant to continue operating without disruption.

Access and Monitor Data with SITOP Manager

SITOP Manager provides an easy interface for commissioning, engineering, and monitoring the data your power supply collects. With the SITOP Manager software, all power supply systems in a network can be parameterized and diagnosed using a PC with the Windows 7 or 10 or Industrial OS operating system. This is ideal especially if the system configuration and programming aren’t performed in the TIA Portal or SIMATIC Step 7. Communication between the SITOP Manager and the power supply takes place via OPC UA, the open, manufacturer- and vendor-independent, Ethernet-based communication standard. Thanks to the Web browser-based user interface, the application can also run on mobile devices and automatically adapts to the display size.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Psu 8600 Base Units

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