Power Distribution Panels

Electro-Matic’s Power Distribution Panels (PDPs) stand alone in the manufacturing industry. Our competitively priced PDPs offer many advantages including complete customization offerings. Work with our experienced engineering team to discuss your needs and assist you in determining the best solution for your application.

Electro-Matic PDPs

Complete Customization


Video Tour

Are you interested in learning more? This video provides an overview of Electro-Matics Power Distribution Panels.

Features and Benefits

Quick-Release Deadfront Door Latches

Allows for easy access when the addition or replacement of circuit breakers is necessary

High/Low Voltage Enclosure Design

Provides a separation of high voltage (480 VAC) equipment from low voltage (24 VDC / 120 VAC) equipment

Pre-Wired Current Transformers

Easier to install by eliminating field wiring of current transformers

Above Line / Below Line 120 VAC Branch Circuits

Allows for automation maintenance and troubleshooting when main disconnect switch is open

Intelligent Power Monitor

Allows monitoring of voltage current locally or remotely via ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet, and Profibus

Local Fieldbus Compatible I/O

Allows remote monitoring of circuit breakers for enhanced diagnostics (Profinet or EthernetIP)

Internal Pre-Wired Receptacles for 120 VAC Devices

Easier connections to external panels requiring 120 VAC power and eliminates need for external connections

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