Innovative Solutions for a Safer Workplace

Electro-Matic understands that many businesses have been completely open, in the process of re-opening, or are preparing to open. No matter where a business is in the process, safety updates need to be made to meet requirements and to still make sure they can be productive. We understand many of the challenges that everyone is facing including:

Social Distancing by maintaining 6ft. of distance whenever possible

Limit the number of people on the plant floor

Remind employees how to stay safe throughout the work day

Designing workplace contact tracing procedures, for both employees and equipment

Solutions to these challenges are already available and Electro-Matic has had the experience to handle them:

Separation / Protection Panels

Serve as a barrier for a work environment where people may have to closely interact, or where spacing may be limited. These can be made to fit any location and are easy to move and clean.

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)

The Siemens Real Time Locating System (RTLS) can assist in tracking people or equipment. Distances can be determined and safe social distancing can be monitored and maintained using employee-wearable RTLS transponders.

Virtual Commissioning

Virtual commissioning can help companies work on production systems and continue to improve on processes remotely. This reduces the amount of people needed onsite.


Model, simulate, improve production in advance, and troubleshoot without even having to be on site.

Yaskawa Robots

Collaborative robots (cobots) help maintain social distancing by transporting materials between employees, reduce the number of necessary people on the manufacturing floor, and are designed to work alongside humans in a shared space to increase productivity.

Industrial PCs

Assembled in Lebanon, Ohio, to reduce lead times by 40%! Built with longevity and ruggedness in mind with an innovative platform that will remain available for years to come.

Datalogic Hand Scanners

Datalogic disinfectant-ready and anti-microbial scanners are not only for the healthcare industry. Control the spread of germs wherever a barcode scanner is needed. Datalogic offers a selection of hand held barcode scanners that withstand continual cleaning with harsh chemicals and are built with the added protection of anti-microbial plastics that inhibit the growth of germs and microorganisms (ISO22196 compliant).

LED Displays and Content

LED signs and displays inform your employees and public about your business operations and safety measures. Customized sign content provides effective messaging.

Industrial LED Displays and Standalone Andon Systems

Industrial Andon LED Displays help provide real-time updates to your employees regarding safety procedures and status of production.

FortSight from Fortress

Fortress has developed a range of easy to install, easy to use systems that will help keep your facility safe. These Fortress Systems include: Nightingale (Tracked cleaning and sanitizing solutions), Clara (Restricted access to supply containers & PPE tracking), Linda (Automated temperature monitoring), and Broad Street (Personnel social distancing tracking.)

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