M23 Connectors

Intercontec – Rugged, Dependable M23 Connectors for Servo Motion Grade Connections.

TE Connectivity Intercontec M23 connectors are globally recognized as the “go to” servo motion grade connectors for interconnecting servo motors to servo drives in servo motion control applications. These circular metric connectors are used in a wide range of applications that require shielding and grounding for the elimination of EMI/RFI interferences.

Intercontec Power, Signal and Hybrid connectors are offered in both M23 x 1 threaded and SpeedTec versions. These shielded connectors provide for superior performance in the most demanding CNC, servo motion control, robotics, instrumentation and industrial automation applications. The TE Connectivity Intercontec connectors are designed to be rugged, easy to assemble and highly configurable, which is why many of the global leaders in servo motion control systems have come to rely on the Intercontec brand of motion grade circular metric connectors.

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Series 923 Power Connectors

The TE Connectivity Intercontec uniquely designed Series 923 Power connectors, offered in both M23 x 1 threaded and SpeedTec versions, are durable, reliable and easy to assemble. These rugged connectors allow for 360 degree shielding thus eliminating EMI/RFI interference.

Series 623 Signal Connectors

The TE Connectivity Intercontec Series 623 Signal connectors are offered in both M23  x 1 threaded and SpeedTec versions. With a broad range of contact configurations to choose from, these shielded signal connectors provide the same rugged design associated with the Intercontec brand of circular metric connectors.

Series 723 Hybrid Connectors

The TE Connectivity Intercontec Series 723 Hybrid connectors allow power, signal and data communications to reliably be combined into rugged, shielded and easy to assemble M23 x 1 threaded and SpeedTec connectors.

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SpeedTec Connector?

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Quick-Locking SpeedTec Connectors

Incomplete connections, overheated contacts, arcing, and skinned knuckles are just a few of the situations that can occur when using traditional M23 x 1 threaded connectors. By design, the Intercontec SpeedTec connectors will eliminate these situations with a simple push and twist connection. SpeedTec connectors can be used on servo motors or cable assemblies that are outfitted with either SpeedTec or SpeedTec-ready receptacles and extension plugs. The SpeedTec quick locking design is available in the TE Connectivity Series 923 Power, Series 623 signal and Series 723 connectors. When you upgrade to SpeedTec connectors, you benefit from superior connections and quicker installations.

Easy to use in tight spaces

Ensures complete connection

Protects contacts from arcing and heat

Locks into place fast

Safer and easier to use

Improves longevity of the cable

Intercontec’s M23 and SpeedTec connectors are trusted by leading companies including:

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Customizable M23 and SpeedTec Connectors

Intercontec’s power, signal, and hybrid connectors are available as M23 and SpeedTec versions, with a number of customizable options and benefits. All connectors utilize 360 degree EMC shielding, vibration resistance, and temperature resistance up to -50°C. The connectors fulfill requirement for ingress protection (IP66/67, IP69K, IP68) and electromagnetic compatibility and vulnerability (EMV/EMC).

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