Industrial Ethernet Switches

SCALANCE X – Industrial Ethernet Switches

The wide range of Industrial Ethernet switches available from Siemens will allow you to find the right switch for any application including: devices with copper or fiber-optic ports, for the control cabinet or for use in harsh environments, at data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s.

Industrial communication networks are the foundation for digitalization, and data must be systematically and reliably distributed across all levels. Industrial Ethernet switches are perfect for these needs. With SCALANCE X, Siemens offers several product lines with different functional scopes depending on the specific networking task.

Industrial Communication
Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches

Easy to use, robust and highly suitable for industrial applications: Implement cost-effective industrial Ethernet networks using our unmanaged switches, regardless of whether your goal is simple machine networking or small electrical or optical Ethernet networks.

Managed Switches Layer 2

Managed Switches Layer 2

You need high network availability and have higher functionality demands? Discover our versatile and high-performance layer 2 switches for machine-level applications and the networking of subsystems and plant areas in line, star, and ring structures.

Switches Layer 2/3

Managed Switches Layer 2/3

Maximum flexibility and highest network availability: With our layer 2/3 devices for large networks, you are prepared to meet any communication network demand. These let you structure high-performance production networks with a connection to the company IT system, including high data rates of up to 10 Gbps across company boundaries.

Switches For Process Automation

Switches for Process Automation

You can also use the SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches in PROFINET networks that fulfill the special requirements of the process industry. As a result, all levels of data communication and network redundancy (S2 and R1) are available in all network topologies, such as line, star and ring, or as a mixed topology, and can even be adjusted during system operation thanks to Configuration in Run (CiR/H-CiR) in PCS 7.

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