General Purpose Drives

Variable Frequency Drives from Siemens

Variable frequency drives help all types of industrial machines work with speed and efficiency. Electro-Matic works with the highest quality manufacturers of variable speed drives, bringing flexibility, safety, dependability and easy use to all types of industrial applications. Whether you require a general purpose drive or a specialized drive for a specific function, we can help you find the right fit.

Drives Motion Motors General Purpose Drives G120

Variable frequency drives, also called variable speed drives, adjustable speed drives, and adjustable frequency drives, are essential for many of the modern industrial machines we rely on every day. These components regulate the frequency and voltage supplied to a motor. By controlling the acceleration, deceleration and speed of the motor, variable frequency drives increase the efficiency and improve the performance of the machine. We supply high-quality variable speed drives for all types of industrial machines, including fans, compressors, conveyor belts, blowers, pumps, mixers, and more. Integration with ethernet I/P and IoT technology helps to improve the safety, efficiency and performance of our adjustable speed drives and the related industrial applications. We can help you find the right drive for even the most demanding and challenging applications.

SINAMICS G120X Frequency Converters

Drives Motion Motors General Purpose Drives G120

The SINAMICS G120X series of variable frequency drives utilize the latest technology to improve performance and usability. With a standardized configuration and compact design, these drives are suitable for all supply voltages and supply types. With a wide power range from 0.75 kW to 630 kW, it’s easy to find a SINAMICS G120X adjustable speed drive to suit your machine and application. These drives are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into your existing drive applications. They also integrate easily with your existing interface to deliver an intuitive user experience.

  • Delivered installed and ready-to-run
  • Simple operation, setup and settings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Connects to the Cloud using SINAMICS CONNECT 300

Integrate Siemens Variable Frequency Drives on Ethernet I/P

If your equipment operates on a standardized Ethernet/IP network, Siemens variable frequency drives can integrate seamlessly with your equipment. The SINAMICS family of variable speed drives operate with both PROFINET and Ethernet/IP software stacks. This makes them exceptionally easy to use, configure, and install. Our instructional videos make it even easier to set up your drive and make sure that your system is safe and fully operational. If you have questions about ethernet or PROFINET integration, our experts can help walk you through the process.

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Order Variable Speed Drives for Your Equipment

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Do you need variable speed drives for food processing, HVAC, manufacturing, wastewater treatment, logistics, or other industries? We can help. We supply the latest adjustable speed drives for constant torque or variable torque applications, and all types of supply voltages and supply types. With a compact design and a high level of flexibility, our variable frequency drives support and integrate with the most advanced technology, as well as the most reliable legacy machines. From precise, low powered applications to demanding, high powered applications and everything in between, our experts can help you find a reliable, efficient, easy-to-use variable frequency drive.