Identification Systems

Choose from a full range of identification scanners, hand-held computers, barcode scanners, industrial PDAs and more. These industry-leading scanners from Datalogic provide full functionality across a range of industries, from retail to logistics to hospitality to healthcare and more. With a durable construction, easy-to-use interface, and a versatile range of products, we make it easy to find the right identification scanner for your needs. Take a look at our array of hand-held mobile scanners and computers, and stationary industrial scanners. If you have questions about which scanner, reader, or identification system is right for you, contact us. Our technicians are happy to explain any product in more detail.

Stationary Industrial Scanners

Stationary scanners are fixed scanners for industrial applications that aren’t monitored by operators. This might include barcode scanners for track and trace, omnidirectional stations for sorting and tracking, image processing for inspection and quality control, or OCR and OCV for verification. The Datalogic Matrix series covers an extensive range of applications and industries, including ecommerce, logistics, product fulfillment, quality control, direct part marking (DPM), material handling, and more. Choose from highly compact 2D imagers, high-resolution sensors, and ultra-fast image scanners with a wide array of flexible configurations. To learn more about any industrial scanner, contact us or request a quote.

Matrix 120

Ultra-Compact Industrial 2D Imager

Matrix 120™ is the smallest industrial 2D imager that fits into any integration space. The Matrix 120 imager leads the market for ease of use and has the highest industrial grade in its class. Multiple models of the Matrix 120 imager allow it to cover an extensive range of applications in OEM and Manufacturing industries.

Matrix 220

High-Performance Compact Industrial 2D Imager

The Matrix 220 imager is the most compact image-based bar code reader for top performance with the highest flexibility, with a 1.2 MPixel high resolution sensor and a multicore image processing platform. This imager is perfect for reading barcodes marked with DPM because of its innovative lighting solutions with an integrated flexible illumination system.

Matrix 320

The next step beyond intralogistics traceability

The new Matrix™ 320 5MP extends the Matrix 320 series leadership. Built on a multicore platform with hardware acceleration and HDR capability, the Matrix 320 5MP has the ideal technology for top performance in challenging applications: high performing C-Mount lenses, smart illuminators, and a 5MP sensor. Together they provide the highest reading performance for a stationary barcode scanner.


Accelerate your tire sorting capability

Discover what the unrivalled STS320, the latest member of the Matrix family of products, can do for you. This is the best in class solution for the most demanding of tire tracking and traceability solutions. Not only do you get top performance, but an out-of-the-box solution that is ultra-competitive, and quick and simple to install, configure and operate

Hand-Held Scanners

Hand-held barcode scanners from Datalogic are designed to read small, high-density 1D or 2D barcodes, and offer full traceability to track items through the manufacturing and distribution process. With a variety of models to choose from, including disinfectant-ready, antimicrobial products, we make it easy to choose the right hand-held scanner for your needs. Choose from models with omnidirectional reading, extra-long scanning, Bluetooth wireless technology, antimicrobial plastics, and full system integration. Contact us or request a quote to learn more about any hand-held scanners.

PowerScan 9100 Series

Linear Imager

The PowerScan 9100 linear imager series offers state-of-the-art performance in an industrial product. This linear imager introduces new scanning technology by implementing a green scanning line which has the same definition of a laser beam with all the benefits of a linear imager, providing outstanding 1D decoding capability. Corded and cordless versions are both available.

PowerScan 95X1 AR Series

Industrial 1D/2D Area Imagers with Auto Range Technology

The PowerScan 95X1 Auto Range (AR) Series represents the top performing industrial hand held scanner with extra-long range scanning capabilities on 1D/2D barcodes. Its powerful autofocus system allows the scanner to read from a short distance to an extra long distance. This series also has a fast focus adjustment, and a powerful LED lighting system. These imagers are available in both a Desk model, and a cordless model.

PowerScan 950X Series

1D/2D Area Imagers

The PowerScan™ 9501 area imagers combine omnidirectional reading capabilities with outstanding optical characteristics, resulting in a scanner that is able to read any kind of bar code, regardless of orientation. This imagers are available in a corded as well as a cordless model. Depending on the model, they either feature Bluetooth wireless technology or Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System narrow band radio.

PowerScan 950X DPM Series

1D/2D Area Imagers

The PowerScan™ 9501-DPM Evo series of scanners are rugged hand held area imagers specifically addressed and capable of reading codes marked with DPM. The scanner is also capable of reading standard bar codes on printed labels. The PowerScan PD9531-DPM is the corded model of the series. The 9501-DPM cordless area imagers are comprised of the PBT9501-DPM / PM9501-DPM imagers. Depending on the model, they either feature Bluetooth wireless technology or Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System narrow band radio.

FBC9080 Fieldbus Converter

Industrial gateway into Profinet ID and Ethernet IP networks

The FBC9080 Fieldbus Convertor is a compact-size industrial gateway to integrate all Datalogic hand held scanners into industrial control systems. With the FBC9080 converter, Datalogic’s hand held scanners add industrial fieldbus connectivity support to the most common PLC

Gryphon™ 4500 & RIDA™


The Gryphon premium scanner and the RIDA imager are built with specialized disinfectant-ready and anti-microbial plastics specifically made for the Healthcare environment. The Gryphon’s inductive charging technology solves the #1 failure for all cordless scanners within hospitals. With corded and wireless solutions, 1D/2D scanning, and HD/DPM models makes it ideal for a variety of applications. The lightweight, compact, and mobile RIDA imager offers freedom of movement while scanning, with the added benefit of preventing cross contamination in any application.

PowerScan 9600

Bullet Proof Your Traceability Targets

The 9600 is the range-topping handheld industrial scanner in the best-selling PowerScan series from Datalogic, helping you smash your traceability targets. Achieving full traceability in manufacturing, intralogistics and retail environments is the number one priority faced by businesses today when faced with fulfilling consumer delivery demands. You need a tough device for handling the toughest jobs.

Hand-Held Mobile Computers

Hand-held mobile computers offer high mobility and flexibility as well as the highest level of performance. Choose from pocket-sized models to full-alpha-keyboard hand-held devices, industrial PDAs, pistol-grip terminals, vehicle mount computers, and more. These hand-held mobile computers are ideal for hands-free barcode reading, 2D scanning, watermark reading, and more. With a rugged design, powerful performance and integration, and easy usability, it’s easy to find the right model for your needs. To learn more about any hand-held mobile computer, contact us today.

Memor 10

Rugged PDA

The superior performance of this Android™ full touch PDA is able to support a multitude of applications in various environments, including a new model with a 2D Megapixel scan engine option for improved performance. The MP scan engine also enables DotCode and Digimarc® watermarking reading. The Memor 10 PDA is also available in a Healthcare version which includes the same features with a cleanable enclosure and dedicated accessories.

Memor 20

Best-in-Class 1D/2D Imaging PDA

he Memor 20, the market’s largest PDA is designed for enterprises with mobile challenges is a full-touch device that delivers ruggedness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the user-friendly experience of Android™. The Memor 20 also incorporates Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system for ultra-reliable contactless charging, paired with a 1-piece swappable battery for the best operational advantage in 24/7 conditions.