Valves and Valve Manifolds

Pneumatic Valves and Valve Manifolds from Festo

FestoAs the inventor of the pneumatic valve terminal, Festo is an expert in valves. From simple, low-cost applications to complex automation tasks, Festo has the right valve and manifold for every purpose with the features you expect from Festo: top quality, worldwide delivery and comprehensive engineering support.

Fluid Power Valves Manifolds


Festo’s line of valves can be electrically, pneumatically or mechanically piloted. The product lines include directional valves, media valves, and proportional valves.

Directional valves are available as standalone/in-line, or as part of a manifold, and solenoids can be individually wired or manifolds can be wired via a multi-pin connector, or a variety of bus communication protocols. These valves are sturdy and modular and can conform to ISO standard.

Media valves can handle very high flow rates and a variety of fluids and inert gases, with a variety of flow and pressure controls. They are corrosion resistant and come in fire-safe options or explosion resistant options.

Proportional valves are modular and have a high dynamic response, with high repetition accuracy, and diagnostic features.

The core product range of Festo’s valves include:

  • Electrically & pneumatically actuated directional control valves
  • Special function valves
  • Flow control & time delay valves
  • Electrically actuated process and media valves
  • Pneumatically and mechanically operated process and media valves
  • Accessories for valves

The product range continues with:

  • Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves
  • Pressure control valves
  • Proportional valves
  • Pneumatic control systems

Valve Manifolds

Festo’s line of valve manifolds are sturdy and modular, as well as space-saving and compact. Solenoids can be individually wired or manifolds can be wired via a multi-pin connector, or a variety of bus communication protocols. They can also conform to ISO standard.

Festo offers valve manifolds for any general industrial or industry specific application.

  • Universal Valve Manifolds
  • Industry Standard Valve Manifolds
  • Electrical Peripherals
  • Accessories for Valve Manifolds
  • Application-specific Valve Manifolds

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