Conveyor Technology

Success is often measured by efficiency and speed. For Robotunits customers, this means always keeping one step ahead regarding the time required for delivery, design, and assembly. A modular conveyor like a power system and power belt conveyor are seamlessly integrated into the Modular Automation System, making them an important contributor to success.

Advantages like these, as well as great product variety, maximum technical excellence, and enormous potential to save time and money in design and assembly, are what makes Robotunits so unique. Special designs are available upon request.

Modular Conveyor Technology Benefits

Impressive delivery times

Custom-made sizes

Flexibility in drive options and positions


Idler options

Wide variety of belts

Fully integrated conveyor system

Save time, cut cost


Let us Design, Engineer, and Configure Powered Belt Conveyors to fit your Specific Application Needs!

Configure your belt conveyors according to your requirements: your choice of belt types, customized drive options, position, and speed.

Conveyor Technology

Seamless Integration into Modular Conveyor Systems

Modular Flat Belt

Flat Belt

  • Ideal for transfer of product
  • 3 Drive Options
  • 3 width platform available
  • Flat or Incline options
Flat Belt Conveyor

Timing Belt

  • Ideal for accumulated product
  • Consistent Belt Tension
  • 2 width platform available
  • Multiple Lane Capability

Modular Flat Belt

  • Ideal for accumulation, heavy goods, Incline
  • 4 belt designs available
  • Flat, curved or Incline options

Power Roller

  • Ideal for zero pressure accumulation
  • 24v DC Drive 
  • 3 width platform available

Let us Design, Engineer, and Configure to fit your Specific Application Needs!

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