Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software

Engineering Software from EPLAN

EPLAN offers software and services in fields of electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering, — also known as CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) — for machine, plant and control cabinet engineering. The EPLAN Platform includes products that are tailored to provide efficiencies in design and engineering of electrical and automation projects.


Using EPLAN Software & Services saves time, materials, and simplifies the production of electrical controls panels dramatically. This efficient engineering allows our customers to stay competitive in the world market. Our team of experts provide customers with new tools and process workflows that help them to gain traction against their competition. We will show you how data captured in your schematics and 3D layouts can be used to reduce errors and complete projects with a higher quality output.

Your new optimized designs can be leveraged in pre-sales applications. EPLAN customers see significant reductions in overhead, progressive behaviors for new engineers, and rapid deployment of products and services for their thousands of customers world-wide. We enable efficiency via automation but also enhance and support the traditional methods that our clientele rely on. The EPLAN Professional Services Team is available from the very beginning and throughout your efficiency journey.

When to Use EPLAN

EPLAN Software and Services are best suited for organizations who have at least one engineer or designer, and have multiple running projects month over month.


EPLAN is easy to install, but support has you covered if assistance is needed.


With a wide range of training courses, the experts at EPLAN can help your teams become certified or simply master the platform basics.

Global Support

Basic support to 24/7 service available.


PLM, ERP, PLC, legacy applications or something new, EPLAN can help.

EPLAN’s experienced consultants will help you to utilize EPLAN Solutions efficiently and introduce new engineering methods.

EPLAN is easy to install, but support has you covered if assistance is needed.

EPLAN and the Industrial Automation Ecosystem

When you see the bigger picture, your purpose becomes clearer And then data from all the vital parts of an ecosystem come together, the outcome is real revolution.

Component Manufacturer

80% of our customers who use the Data Portal for planning, purchase the products they used to build the BOM & schematics created in EPLAN.

Panel Builders

Using EPLAN will save you money by reducing project lead times, reducing high cost labor, reducing approvals, and significant reduction in errors. You will also save 40% or more in manufacturing times, 50% with using a standardized work method & 45% with Smart Wiring.

Operator / End User

For a significant reduction in time, cost & errors, use EPLAN for specifications and planning, and eView for approvals from estimation to schematics, purchasing, final project completion plus operations and maintenance.

OEM and System Integrators

Using EPLAN will save you money by reducing project lead times, reducing high cost labor, reducing approvals, and a significant reduction in errors.

CAE Engineering Design Firm

Designers who use the EPLAN project in pre-sales are more likely to win the bid with faster / more accurate quotes, and shorter project lead times overall.

Technical College or University

EPLAN is the number 1 leading CAE in the world. Digital natives are expanding their knowledge base and including EPLAN in their resumes.

EPLAN Solutions

EPLAN connects software solutions from every engineering discipline, from preplanning and project planning to the design of switchgear and cable harnesses. Cloud-based applications enable you to collaborate across projects and create a standardized database right through to automated engineering.

Further, our integrations and standard interfaces enable bi-directional data exchange with your ERP, PLM and PDM systems. This means that you will become more efficient when working on your EPLAN project because digital data flows seamlessly from one solution to another and is further enriched in every process step.


EPLAN Pro Panel is a mighty tool used to design and build control cabinets, switchgear systems & power distribution systems for energy supply, in 3D. Capability includes assembly layouts & virtually routing connections.

Electric P8 POPULAR

EPLAN Electric P8 is the foundational product used to create electrical controls design schematics within the EPLAN project.

Preplanning POPULAR

By capturing engineering data from the very start of the preplanning phase, EPLAN Preplanning can quickly generate initial datasheets or specifications for materials procurement.

Smart Wiring POPULAR

EPLAN Smart Wiring software provides the wiring technician with all the necessary information in digital form – even in 3D as needed.


By setting up a macro library EPLAN Cogineer will automatically create schematics with just a mouse click.


EPLAN Engineering Configuration maps your product portfolio in a modular system. This tool makes it easy to design and apply configuration interfaces & automatically generate documentation.


EPLAN Fluid is the foundational product used to create fluid power systems schematics within the EPLAN project. Namely for hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication design.

Harness ProD

Use EPLAN Harness proD for the efficient design and documentation of cabling and wire harnesses in 3D and 2D.

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