Freestanding Enclosures

The industry’s best freestanding enclosures

RittalRittal’s freestanding enclosure systems include TS 8 Baying systems and SE 8 system enclosures. The TS 8 Baying system is made from carbon steel and is a platform for just about any application. The symmetrical frame profile is great for saving space and seamless for internal installation. Baying arrangements can be installed on all sides of the enclosure. The SE 8 System is a single enclosure made from sheet steel that has two mounting levels with a rear panel and door. The interior components are fully compatible with the TS 8 for simplicity and usability.

Enclosures Freestanding
Enclosures Freestanding Ts8

A system platform for just about any application. When used in conjunction with the system accessories, each enclosure is specialized for the most exceptional tasks. The symmetrical frame profile of the TS 8 saves a significant amount of space and facilitates easy internal installation coupled with baying arrangement capability on all sides.

Enclosures Freestanding Se8

Single enclosure made from sheet steel with sturdy enclosure body, two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. Interior equipment fully compatible with the TS 8, enabling full integration into the TS 8 product line.

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