Box PCs

Industrial Box PCs

Optimized for use as server or single station with options for expansion. Our PCs provide everything you may need for numerous applications in process automation, including:

  • Expansion capabilities
  • High performance workstation types
  • Models of different heights to allow you to choose between space-efficiency and increased connectivity
Box Pcs

Siemens Industrial Box PC Features:

Siemens Industrial Box PCs are designed for connectivity and expansion. All interfaces are located on one side, and the Box PC can be easily replaced or opened for expansion modifications.

  • Variety of mounting options and depths to fit your application
  • Rugged design to ensure reliability during long periods of data collection
  • Compact and ultra-compact PCs

Siemens Industrial Box PCs


Embedded industrial PCs

Fanless Box PC



Embedded industrial PCs

Fanless Box PC



Basic industrial PCs

Available ex stock

Attractive Price


Embedded industrial PCs

Fanless Box PC



High-end industrial PCs

High Functionality

High performance

Compare Siemens Box PC Model Specifications

Siemens Box PC models vary in size, connectivity, and energy efficiency. Siemens SIMATIC Box PCs, beyond their own unique differentiators, can be ordered in custom configurations, and delivered exactly to your requirements. Download the Siemens Box PC Spec Sheet or contact us if you have any questions about the product line.

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Electro-Matic offers around-the-clock technical support bolstered with a detailed knowledgebase, training videos, downloadable documentation and more.

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