A broad range of switches for nearly every application

SiemensSiemens SIRIUS limit switches perform detection of motion sequences for equipment and machines in almost any application. Whether position detection, motion limitation or in safety circuits, Siemens devices manage a variety of information even in the harshest conditions out in the field.

Industrial Controls Circuit Protection Gate Switches Safety Interlocks Siemens
Industrial Controls Circuit Protection Gate Switches Safety Interlocks Siemens Sirius Mechanical Position Safety Switches

SIRIUS Mechanical Position and Safety Switches

SIRIUS position switches score are the most reliable when it comes to shutdowns in the event of hazards, even under extreme environmental conditions. Plants and machines can be safely shut down in the event of hazards or faults.

The range of SIRIUS 3SE5 position switches includes complete units or modular designs with which different versions can be assembled simply and quickly.


  • Modular design offering low warehousing costs and high flexibility
  • A wide variety of combination options: different contact elements, pulleys and plugs
  • Position switches available in a metal or plastic enclosure in accordance with EN 50047 and EN 50041
  • Types available for extreme environmental conditions such as enhanced corrosion protection (ECP) or -40 °C types
  • LED Display shows high-speed on-site diagnostics
  • Integrated ASIsafe electronics in the basic enclosure
Industrial Controls Circuit Protection Gate Switches Safety Interlocks Siemens Non Contact Safety Switch Sirius 3se63

Non-Contact Safety Switch SIRIUS 3SE63, RFID

SIEMENS electronic non-contact safety switch for protective equipment is based on non-contact RFID transponder technology offering complete protection against interference, manipulation and defeat.


  • Diverse coding versions allowing for comprehensive protection against interference and manipulation
  • Compatible with safety evaluation units (e.g. SIMATIC PLC, SIRIUS 3TK28 or 3RK3)
  • Feature integrated cross-fault, wire breakage and external voltage monitoring functions, allowing multiple RFID switches to be jointly connected, in the same safety circuit
  • One switch required for safety applications up to PL e in accordance with EN 13849-1 and SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508/62061
  • Wear-free switching, allowing for a long service life
  • Rugged and resistant to cleaning agents: Protection up to IP69K
  • Optional magnetic latching up to 18N
  • Non-magnetic technology (RFID), ideally applicable for metal processing machines and systems
  • Broad application areas: From difficult to adjust, down to frequently opened and closed protective hoods, flaps or doors.
  • Reliable monitoring of protective equipment on highest safety level – even with the application of multiple switches connected in series.

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