Air Motors

Known industry-wide for rugged construction and reliability

GastGast Air Motors are designed to thrive in harsher environments. Their lubrication protects internal components and helps carry away smaller particulate, which can evade filtration, while also providing heat dissipation benefits.

Drives Motion Motors Motors Air Motors
Drives Motion Motors Motors Air Motors Lubricated

Lubricated Air Motors

The Gast line of Air Motors include 7 products and they range from 0.45 horsepower up to 10 horsepower. Speeds start at 2000 rpm and go up all the way to 10000 rpm. Additionally, max torque ranges go from 5.6 in-lbs to 372.0 in-lbs.

Drives Motion Motors Motors Air Motors Non Lubricated

Non-Lubricated Air Motors

Gast Non-Lubricated Air Motors are corrosion resistant air motors that don’t require lubrication. “Hub and foot mounting options are available and the units can be mounted in any plane.” They range from .18 horsepower up to 2 horsepower, with speeds ranging from 2000 rpm all the way up to 4000 rpm. Max torque ranges go from 2.1 in-lbs to 56.0 in-lbs.

Drives Motion Motors Motors Air Motors Air Powered Gear

Air-Powered Gear Motors

Gast Gear Motors integrate a lubricated Air Motor with an inline or right angle gearbox to create greater torque and slower output speed. Gear Motors range from .32 horsepower to 6.5 horsepower with speeds starting at 50 rpm and going up to 400 rpm. Max torque ranges are from 72 in-lbs to 5175.0 in-lbs.

MVP Air Motors

MVP air motors’ quiet, modular, lightweight construction, high power-to-weight ratios, operating efficiency and reasonable pricing make them ideal for a wide range of applications.

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