Siemens SIMATIC S7-400

S7-400: The most powerful automation system within SIMATIC

SiemensIdeal for larger automation systems is the SIMATIC S7-400 because of the communication capability and integrated interfaces. The S7-400 can be expanded centrally or in a distributed configuration depending on the task. Add-on devices and interface modules are available centrally for this purpose. Distributed expansion is possible over the PROFIBUS or PROFINET interfaces integrated in the CPUs. If required, communication processors (CPs) can also be used.

S7 400 Lg


  • High processing speeds and deterministic response times create cycle times on your machines that are impressively short.
  • The S7-400 offers high communication power and integral interfaces that are used mostly to coordinate overall plants and to control lower-level systems
  • Additional options are available for extreme environmental conditions.


  • Scaleable power and nearly unlimited I/O capacity
  • New functions can be integrated without any additional hardware because of the power reserves of the CPU
  • The S7-400 is designed so it can be structured in a modular way for centralized configurations and distributed structures giving you optimal cost effective spare parts handling
  • The S7-400 is able to be modified during operation and signal modules can be added or taken out while operating (Configuration in Run & Hot Swapping)
  • Complete project data is stored on the CPU that simplifies any service calls that may occur.
  • Efficient linking of the I/O modules through the high-speed backplane bus

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