Virtual Commissioning

Simulate, Validate, and Optimize with Virtual Commissioning

Virtual Commissioning uses a virtual environment, called a “Digital Twin,” to be able to create a simulation model of a manufacturing plant so that proposed changes and upgrades can be tested before they are implemented to the actual plant.

Simulations reduce risk, avoid costly disruptions, downtime, and save time during actual commissioning. By virtually confirming automation equipment works as expected, system startup time can also be reduced. This approach can lead to better software quality and increased safety for everyone involved.

Creating and sharing precise digital twins of each stage of the product’s processes is fundamental for transforming into a digital enterprise. Siemens offerings of products addresses each of the domains with industry-leading technology across all areas.

Virtual Commissioning with NX MCD and PLCSim Advanced

Digitalization for Machine Builders

Webinar: Virtual Commissioning: A User’s Perspective

Advanced Machine Engineering

When and how should you begin your digital transformation?

Let us help you gain a clear understanding of where you would best benefit by a digital transformation with a Digital Enterprise Consulting Service. Electro-Matic and SIEMENS will help identify any deficits, classify them based on business objectives, and create a digitalization roadmap for that corresponds to your needs, business model, and existing infrastructure (IT and OT), and support your business from the consulting stage all the way through the stage of continuous improvement.

Plant Simulation

Layout Validation

Throughput Verification

Logistic Validation

Time Validation

Process Simulate

Geometry Validation


Time Validation

Cell Automation

Mechatronic Concept Designer

Mechanical Design

Electrical Design

Machine Automation

Mechatronic Validation


Multiphysics Validation

Component Sizing

Design Optimization

Energy Loss Tracking

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