Industry Associations

Electro-Matic Products relies on industry and business associations to keep abreast of market changes, technology advances, best business practices and other relevant information that may be used as a tool for our Organization. These associations are listed below. We hope you find them as informative as we have.

General Manufacturing Association Websites

Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Association for Manufacturing Technology

Automation Alley

Michigan Manufacturers Association

National Association of Manufacturers

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

Sector Association Websites

Aluminum Association

American Chemistry Council

American Foundry Society

American Iron & Steel Institute

American Plastics Council

American Society of Civil Engineering

American Welding Society

Association for Iron & Steel Technology

Automotive Industry Action Group

Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition

Forging Industry Educational & Research Foundation

Metal Powder Industries Federation

National Tooling & Machining Association

Precision Metalforming Association

Society of Automotive Engineers

Society of Chemical Industry

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Society of Plastics Engineers

Society for Protective Coatings

Steel Founders’ Society of America

Steel Manufacturers Association

Automation, Electrical, and High Technology Websites

Association for High Technology Distribution

Association of Facilities Engineers

American National Standards Institute

American Society of Engineering & Education

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Association for Manufacturing Technology

The American Society of Testing Materials

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Instrument Society of America

Materials Information Society

National Association of Electrical Distributors

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

National Electrical Manufacturers Association

National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative

National Fluid Power Association

National Association of Purchasing Management

Power Transmission Distributors Association

Society of Women Engineers