Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Electro-Matic offers terminal blocks that are safe, easy to connect and easy to use across thousands of applications. TE Connectivity now offers the Entrelec terminal block line in their extensive industrial portfolio. By adding Entrelec’s terminal block offering, TE Connectivity is able to offer a complete system for power, signal and data connectivity with a special focus on harsh environments. Entrelec offers space-saving industry standard din-rail mountable terminal blocks in various colors, functions and connection technologies that carry worldwide approvals.

The SNK Series terminal blocks use PI-Spring, screw clamp and pluggable configurations to help save time, save space, and create reliable connections, even in severe environments and demanding applications. The DBL Series power distribution blocks use a compact and modular design to make installation easy and reduce assembly time by as much as 80%. Download the brochure to take a closer look at the Entrelec terminal blocks by TE Connectivity and get the details.

Connectivity Terminal Block

SNK Series Terminal Blocks

Connectivity Terminal Block

The innovative SNK series terminal blocks by Entrelec and TE Connectivity uses an innovative design to maximize versatility and usability. The SNK series is available in
PI-Spring (Push-In and Spring), screw clamp and pluggable technologies found in over 8,000 products and solutions. These terminal blocks are made to withstand harsh environments and demanding jobs. Qualified for worldwide applications and severe environments such as hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar, it’s easy to find safe, sturdy, reliable terminal blocks for any need.

  • 50% smaller footprint than former spring type
  • Asymmetric design making backwards rail placement easily detectable – avoids short circuit
  • Flat marking surface allows identification prior to snapping on markers
  • Certified for Global Application
  • 20% larger marking area
  • Common Accessories amongst all SNK terminal blocks


The patented design of TE Connectivity’s PI-Spring can be used as a push-in or traditional spring connection. The push-in mode allows a direct one-step insertion of solid and flexible stranded wires with a ferrule. Using spring mode, little effort is required to open the spring clamp with a screwdriver and insert the wire, which does not need a ferrule. The screwdriver locks in the terminal block after insertion, freeing up hands to manipulate wires or circuit drawings.

  • PI-Spring can be used as a Push-in or traditional spring connection
  • 26 AWG up to 4 AWG
  • Push-in mode allows a direct one-step insertion of solid and flexible stranded wires with a ferrule, 50% faster than standard screw clamp technology.
PI Spring
screw clamp

Screw Clamp

The unique design of the terminal block offers superior reliability and safety. The TE Connectivity screw clamp technology on the SNK Series terminal block is designed to avoid accidental releases due to vibrations, shocks or even abusive cable draw. The screw clamp technology can fit up to two conductors per clamp which offers extended possibilities in electrical cabinets.

  • The clamp is punched, which increases the number of screw threads by 30% meaning a high torque resistance
  • The anti-release system creates a controlled locking-screw effect thanks to the 2 overlapping tabs that maintain the clamp parts. The screw is locked in total safety. No retightening required!
  • From 24 AWG up to 500 Kcmil


The pluggable technology on the TE Connectivity terminal block allows “plug and play” connection. It enables productivity savings, wiring optimization thanks to serialized pre-wired plug harnesses, as well as secured final commissioning.

  • The TE Connectivity plug is the most compact on the market thanks to the punched U-shaped linking bar allowing direct conductor contact.
  • The lyres are made of copper alloy in order to offer maximized mechanical elasticity resistance (superior to 50 matings/unmatings)
  • The chamfer shape guarantees auto-centering and mechanical integrity of the plug when inserted into the pluggable terminal block.
  • From 26 AWG up to 10 AWG

DBL Series Power Distribution Blocks

terminal blocks

The DBL series power distribution blocks use a clever distribution concept for increased efficiency and versatility. The exclusive compact and modular design of our power distribution blocks allows easy installation combined with a great flexibility of use. These distribution blocks can be used for a variety of application, including distributing power in industrial and commercial panels, HVAC, machinery, power distribution
units (PDU), solar power plants, . With three configurations in one product, it’s easy to find the right arrangement for your applications.

  • Versatile configurations: Single pole, solar, three poles, flat conductor and 2 in/2 out
  • Mount it on Din rail or plate and save up to 50% rail space compared to conventional copper bars
  • Avoid using fastening and isolating components and reduce the assembly time by 80%
  • Increase the number of outputs by using the optional input and connecting two DBL together
  • Easy identification with the reversible cover and delivered pre-printed markers L1, L2, L3, N, PE, +, –.

Accessories and Marketing Solutions

Electro-Matic can help you find the right terminal blocks, power distribution blocks, and the accessories and marking solutions that you need. We work with leading manufacturers, including TE Connectivity, to ensure the highest level of safety, security, and reliability. If you have questions about terminal blocks, power distribution blocks, or accessories, contact us.

  • 50% reduction of part numbers via common accessories between screw, spring and push-in technologies
  • All SNK terminal blocks can be marked on both sides using universal terminal marking tabs
  • Plotter systems available to mark all Entrelec terminal block markers

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