Mobile Robotic Weld Cart

Mobile Robotic Weld Cart

Electro-Matic’s Mobile Robotic Weld Cart features an adaptive arc with less spatter and improved gap handling, providing increased travel speeds and high-quality welds on a variety of base materials. Simple integration with fixed and flexible automation systems.


Wheel it up and get to work – the unit is self-contained and has wire, gas* and your best welder on his best day on-board *wire and gas are not included


Use your expert welder to set it up and then let your techs feed parts to get the best weld quality over and over


Teach it once and get perfect, repeatable welds every time


PFL (power/force limiting) and FSU (functional safety unit) makes the HC10 the safest robot by your side. Practice standard weld safety protocols and get the job done


Set up the perfect weld ONCE and get 1000 more with no lag time and save and repeat jobs with the touch of a button!

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Features & Benefits

As an alternative or supplement to manual MIG/MAG welding with air-cooled welding equipment, the Mobile Robotic Weld Cart from Electro-Matic offers all the advantages needed.

  • Easy to integrate due to small footprint and high IP67 protection class
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Easy to relocate and start up again
  • Easy to program with the robot pendant or through hand guiding


HC10XP Robot
The six-axis HC10XP collaborative robot enables operation with, or in close proximity to human workers. Precision hand-guiding facilitates easy programming for fast implementation of the robot system, while a pinch-less design featuring Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology constantly monitors force to quickly react to contact.

Smart Pendant

  • 10-inch touchscreen with a tablet-based interface
  • Fast, simple learning curve for novice robot programmers
  • Automatic programming feedback and error recovery


Auto-Continuum™ System

  • Smart and powerful digital design has the fast response needed to deliver the most stable welding performance for better welding results.
  • Developed as a platform to meet current and future needs with integrated expansion capabilities.
  • Produces more power at higher duty cycles and temperature ratings than competitive models.

TOUGH GUN® CA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

Designed for high-volume production environments, fully configurable TOUGH GUN® CA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Guns are engineered for precision, durability, accuracy, repeatability, minimal downtime and fast and easy maintenance.

Featured Product Mobile Robotic Weld Cart Auto Continuum System

Industrial & Collaborative Robots – Your new Robotic Work Assistants!

The Yaskawa human collaborative robot (HC10) is a new generation of robotics that is capable, affordable, versatile, simple to use and built with the industrial strength for which Yaskawa products are known. These robots are for customers looking for easy automation, a robot to automate tasks, that can work in close proximity to humans.

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