Cat Track Assemblies

Cable Cat Track Assemblies and Services

Electro-Matic provides cable cat track assemblies and services to keep your equipment running smoothly and prevent costly downtime. Our team can help you replace and service cable cat tracks, cat track electrical components, cat track cable carriers, hose carrier tracks, wire cat tracks and more. We replace and service legacy cat track assemblies as well as newer, modular builds for all types of industries and applications. If your cable cat tracks are not working properly or preventative maintenance can help you avoid downtime, contact us. A wellness check, upgrades or replacement components can help restore or even improve your machines.

Cat Track Assemblies - Cable and Hose Carriers
Cat Track Assemblies

New and Legacy Cable Cat Track Installation and Service

Cat track assemblies may also be known as energy chains, drag chains, hose carriers, cable carriers or hose carriers. Whatever terms you use, the Electro-Matic team has the knowledge and expertise to work with all cable cat track types and components. We install cat track assemblies on new machines and legacy machines. To avoid unscheduled downtime, industry experts work with our experts to repair, improve, and replace the optimal cat track cable carriers and components. The installation personnel have experience in both mechanical and electrical installation, and have installed cat track assemblies at a variety of different locations across the United States.

Cable Cat Tracks for Many Industries

Many manufacturers have transitioned to a modular build for their cat track assemblies. This can help to reduce maintenance and repair costs substantially, and create most cost-effective production processes. The Electro-Matic team can help you design complete cat track modules to replace legacy equipment and improve efficiency at your facility. We can also maintain and repair all types of modular assemblies.

We design and install new cable cat tracks for a variety of applications, including:

  • Machine tools
  • Packaging machines
  • Material handling equipment
  • Automation production equipment
Cable Carrier
Wellness Check Forms

Wellness Checks and Cat Track Assessment

Demanding production environments, poor designs and cumulative cycle times can lead cat track cables, hoses and energy chains to wear out prematurely. This can cause expensive, unscheduled production outages. Identifying potential failure points and replacing legacy
cat track assemblies can prevent this costly downtime. With a wellness check from an experienced member of the Electro-Matic cat track team, you can identify and fix these problems before they occur.

Our team can perform wellness checks on energy chains, drag chains, cat tracks and cable and hose carriers. A wellness check will assess the overall health of a cat track assembly and provide a detailed assessment with a written summary report. The report includes an evaluation of the current state of the machine as well as recommendations to prolong the useful life of the equipment and prevent lost production time.

Cat Track Machine Upgrades

Automation upgrades can help to improve the ROI of your facility by prolonging the useful life of your machines and maximizing the productivity of your equipment. This can also help to improve efficiency and reduce support and maintenance costs. The Electro-Matic team can assist in machine tool upgrades involving the use of Siemens SINUMERIK NC automation.

Cat Track Assembly

Cat-Track Destruction 1

Cat-Track Destruction 2