Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

RittalThe process of heat exchange is simple: air temperatures within an enclosure are modified by actions from the outside. Air/air heat exchangers are for environments where ambient air temperature is at or below the desired interior temperature of the enclosure. And, as closed systems, no external dust or contaminants penetrate the enclosure. The system can be mounted on an enclosure’s roof or walls using the same mounting cutouts for cooling units and heat exchangers. Designed with two different air circuits, the heat exchanger is fully wired wall-mounted that comes with controller and a digital temperature display for convenience.

Climate Control Ambient Air Cooling Air To Air Heat Exchangers Wall Mounted

Enclosure Heaters without Fan

Equipped with a quick-connection terminal Rittal’s PTC heater without a fan has thermal output options of 10-150W.

Enclosure Heaters with Fan

Equipped with a quick-connection terminal Rittal’s PTC heater with a fan has a continuous thermal output of 235-800W.

Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger Accessories

Accessories for your climate control system include: filter systems, ventilation, water distribution, control, regulation, mounting accessories, project panning/monitoring and spare parts.

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