SIEMENS Real-Time Locating Systems

The way of the future is to make traditional workflows in production and logistics more dynamic, allowing flexibility to market changes, optimize capacity utilization or manufacture smaller productions. SIEMENS SIMATIC RTLS can navigate material flows, control mobile robots, monitor component use, and fully document the final product assembly.


Mobilize Production. Maximize Flexibility

SIMATIC RTLS, the locating platform for your digital enterprise.


Keeping Workers Safe to Keep America Running

Real Time Locating Solutions from Siemens can help manufacturers understand employee movements with software and wearable technology.

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The SIMATIC RTLS locating platform achieves this accurately and reliably to be able to focus and respond autonomously, they need to know what’s where, and when. It locates objects with accuracy measured in centimeters and makes the positioning details available to higher-level systems in real time, and it is extremely easy to install.

Use Cases for RTLS

Smart Manufacturing

Production and Logistics

People Tracking

Service, Maintenance and Access Control

Vehicle Tracking

Public Transport, Fleet Management & Access Control

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing with RTLS at a Siemens Facility

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RTLS Solutions Consist of Three Main Elements

Automation Identification And Locating Rtls

Hardware Infrastructure

Active transponders mounted on objects send signals in defined intervals; four or more anchors collect the signal and transmit it via gateway to the locating server. Transponders are available in a few different options, including screens with an e-ink display.

Locating Server

The locating server calculates the real-time position of the transponders.

IT Integration

The integration with higher-level OT and IT systems, with extensibility to cloud-based platforms, such as the Siemens MindSphere open IoT operating system, designed specifically for industry.

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