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Experience the start of a new chapter in the world of standard power supplies with the SITOP PSU6200 all-around power supply. Whether you’re a builder or operator of control panels, machines, or plants, all users benefit from the ingenious functions and features of the new SITOP PSU6200 product line – throughout the entire lifecycle, from planning and engineering to installation and operation.

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Focused diagnostics. Top integration

When it comes to machine building and plant engineering, Alex is a technician who is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring smooth operation for his production. To do this he relies on SITOP PSU6200, because the diagnostics monitor for these power supply units uses an LED to signal its load and service life. Its diagnostics interface allows permanent condition monitoring of the power supply unit thanks to integration in the automation system.

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EM Products Automation Power Supplies Permanent Condition

How SITOP PSU6200 optimizes permanent condition monitoring

Is the dimensioning right for the necessary current? Are all the power supply parameters in the green zone? Is there a need to take action? SITOP PSU6200 answers all your questions: The power supply units can be quickly and conveniently integrated into the automation system via their diagnostics interface. They then make their operating parameters and status available so that critical states can be detected early on. All that’s required for integration is one digital input on the controller. An adaptable function block for the analysis is available free of charge.

EM Products Automation Power Supplies Checkup

How SITOP PSU6200 enables a checkup directly on the housing

A single glance inside the control panel is enough to see the essentials: the condition of the DC, the utilization, and the operating hours of the power supply unit. SITOP PSU6200 uses the LED diagnostics monitor on the front of the housing to indicate the status. Green means everything is okay; yellow means you need to take action. This enables you to visually detect necessary actions and initiate appropriate measures at an early stage in order to avoid critical states.

EM Products Automation Power Supplies Permanent Dependability

How SITOP PSU6200 ensures dependability in operation

One defective consumer in the plant is enough to overload and shut down the entire system. SITOP PSU6200 puts an end to this. With their extra power feature, the all-around power supply units provide a 50 percent higher rated current for up to 5 seconds in the event of an overload. For a high, short-term overload, they supply consumers with constant current. Only when the voltage has dropped to below 15 volts do the power supply units change to Hiccup mode for self-protection and restart at rated load. Because this type of overload usually occurs during startup procedures lasting only a few milliseconds, the SPS continues operating without interruption.

EM Products Automation Power Supplies Accurate Wiring

How SITOP PSU6200 speeds up accurate wiring

A lot of the work in control panel building is still done manually. Anything that saves time and avoids errors increases productivity directly. This is where SITOP PSU6200 comes in. The biunique terminal labeling prevents errors when allocating power. Push-in terminals also make wiring faster, ensuring a secure connection with or without end sleeves – whether single wire or multiple wire. And an additional, third minus terminal for grounding permits potential equalization/PELV in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

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