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Integrated, Efficiency, Robust Industrial Power Supplies

Siemen’s SITOP industrial power supplies provide unparalleled reliability and flexibility across a wide range of production processes and facilities. SITOP power supplies are designed to protect your plant against outages and overloads, provide seamless integration, and maximize efficiency. With multiple product lines, additional modules, and optional add-ons, it’s easy to get the perfect fit for your plant.

Take a look at our online store to get the right industrial power supplies for your facility. If you’re unsure which power supply is ideal, we can help. Contact our experts to learn more about Siemens power supplies.

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Get Discounted Industrial Power Supplies

Upgrade your equipment and save money on your SITOP industrial power supply. Take advantage of a 20% discount and experience the benefits of our 1-phase PSU6200 power supply in combination with an 8-channel SEL1200 selectivity module.

The SITOP starter package 6EP3336-7SB00-3AP0 consists of

  • 24 V power supply: SITOP PSU6200, 1-phase, DC 24 V/20 A: 6EP3336-7SB00-3AX0
  • 24 V protection: SITOP SEL1200, DC 24 V/8×10 A: 6EP4438-7FB00-3DX0

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Siemens Industrial Power Supplies

With a variety of Siemens industrial power supplies, we make it easy to find the right power supply for your needs. Divided into Basic, Standard, and Advanced power supply categories, you can easily find a product with the power and features you need, while also fitting into your budget. Each SITOP industrial power supply is designed to fit easily into the cabinet, protected by a robust, metal exterior, heat dissipation, and secure safety features. Additional expansion modules can be easily added, giving you the flexibility to expand into the future. Special designs are also available to help meet the challenges of your industry, including hazardous conditions, enhanced performance, flexible outputs, and more. To learn more about the features, integrations, products specs and more, download the SITOP catalog.

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Basic Power Supplies

Basic SITOP industrial power supplies offer high performance and power at an affordable price point. There are no compromises on design, functionality, or safety features in the basic class. From flat power supplies for distribution boards to cost-effective basic power supplies and slim power supply units for control boxes, the SITOP basic class meets the needs of many applications and industries.

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Standard Power Supplies

The standard portfolio of SITOP power supplies are designed for industrial applications, including those in special-purpose machine manufacturing. The new SITOP PSU6200 industrial power supply, included in the standard power supply collection, is the leading all-around power supply, providing higher efficiency, comprehensive diagnostic features, and exceptional strength, all in a sleek, space-saving design.

SITOP Power Supply; Edition 2019/2020

Advanced Power Supplies

The switched-mode power supply units in the advanced performance class are the optimal choice for maximum reliability and functionality as required in many of the most demanding manufacturing industries and the harshest environments. The SITOP PSU8200 product line meets these extreme requirements thanks to a collection of features, integrations, and perfected design elements.

Always in Stock: Siemens Components

Whether you are in need of an emergency replacement, or you are carefully planning new developments or upgrades, we can help you easily find the components you need. With a full stock of components from leading brands, including Siemens, Rittal, Turck, Leuze Electronic, and more, you can order the rugged, high-efficiency, high-performance parts that you need, fast.

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The all-around power supply for a wide range of applications.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Selectivity Models

SITOP SEL1200  / SEL1400 / PSE200U

Electronic protection and fast fault localization in 24 V DC load circuits.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP PSU8600


Modular power supply system with integrated into Totally Integrated Automation and is easily integrated into networked systems and machines by its Ethernet/PROFINET interface

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Modular

SITOP modular

Maximum functionality, and reliable power supply for demanding solutions

Automation Power Supplies


Ideal for complex plants and machines. The wide-range input allows it to be connected to any supply system and also to withstand large voltage fluctuations.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Smart

SITOP smart

Compact, powerful standard optimal power supply for many 24 V and 12 V applications

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Lite

SITOP lite

Industrial power supply offering all the important functions in a low-cost, reliable package

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Compact

SITOP Compact

Slim and efficient power supply for lower range, control boxes

Automation Power Supplies LOGO Power

LOGO! Power

Miniature power supply for lower power range, distribution boards

Automation Power Supplies SITOP In SIMATIC Design


SITOP in SIMATIC design – The best power supply for SITMATIC S7 with the design and functionality of the original SIMATIC power supplies which merge into the PLC network.

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Dc Ups Models


The SITOP DC UPS systems with different types of energy storage and communications interfaces offer solutions to meet every requirement for buffering times and plant integration

Automation Power Supplies SITOP Dc Converters

DC/DC converters

SITOP DC/DC converter can be used as a “refresher” – in other words, this module guarantees a reliable power supply to a remote load when bridging long distances

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